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Burnout* has been an ongoing problem in the workplace for many years, but it seems coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, it could be on the increase. It can be a huge problem for employers, as it can often can go hidden, and then it's too late, when employees suddenly need time off work to recover. According to the Wellcome Trusts Well_Lab, burnout accounts for 20%-50% of employee turnover and can affect up to 79% of workers. 


A workplace that actively supports staff wellbeing, with a view to preventing burnout before it can even occur, will reap the rewards across all aspects of company life: staff are happier and more committed, leading to better employee retention rates; staff are more productive resulting in better revenues; in turn creating a better company culture, reputation and brand image. 

At Sea Change we help companies avoid occurrence of burnout in staff by looking at ways to maintain levels of productivity and wellbeing. We work with you to create customised coaching based programmes specific to your company needs. 

Webinars and in person workshops

We can offer:

Coaching for managers to identify when staff are burning out

1-2-1 executive coaching

1-2-1 staff coaching

Staff wellbeing & burnout surveys

Founder Sharon Allen brings her coaching experiences to the table, as well 17 years corporate experience working in the market research industry. Having spent most of her research career working in research and communications agencies, for clients across a range of sectors, Sharon understands the tensions that can come from managing a myriad of expectations across multiple projects, clients, staff and leadership (whilst juggling these on top of additional responsibilities and pressures outside of the workplace). Through her experience as a qualitative researcher, Sharon is used to engaging with people from a range of backgrounds and levels of experience, and building rapport with them, to make them feel comfortable to open up.        

In order to discuss the best solution for your organisation please book an exploration call by clicking the button above, or email us via the contact form. 

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